Career Routes in Safety

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Today Safety is an Integral part of any industry. The primary focus of safety practice is to prevent incidents and accidents that may lead to injuries, illnesses, damage to property and equipment, or harm to the environment. Neglect of safety at any stage from concept stage to design and maintenance of plant can result in […]

Fire Safety Tips in Office

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If a fire or other emergency happened at your workplace, would you know what to do? Be prepared- Have a building evacuation plan, know the plan, and practice the plan (Fire Drills). Post building evacuation plans throughout your workplace. Learn the location of the two nearest exits from your work area. Count the doors, desks, […]

Fire Hazards in Buildings under Construction

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Fires during construction can spread rapidly, especially when sprinklers have not yet been installed or activated, and other combustible materials are present. Buildings are at their most vulnerable during the construction stage, due to the presence of combustible  materials,  ignition  sources,  lack  of  fire-safety  systems  or  separations,  and potential site security issues. Site preparation stage Non clearing of […]

Fire Prevention Rules

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The purpose of this Fire Prevention Plan is to eliminate the causes of fire, prevent loss of life and property by fire. Prevention is better than cure. Never throw burning cigarettes or match stick. Never smoke in a smoking area, use designated room only. Do not use faulty electrical equipment’s. Repair, replace immediately Never overload electrical […]

Fire Drills and Evacuation Procedures

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Fire drills are critical for ensuring the safety of the staff, students, residents, and clientele that enter your business, building or property.  Practicing scheduled fire drills will help ensure individuals have the knowledge to safely escape a fire without injuring themselves or others. Supervisory staff is to monitor the evacuation process and note any of […]

Unsafe Acts – The Main Reason of Accidents

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Introduction: It is not only fair to say that the identification, assessment, and control of hazards are fundamental to the management of the workplace safety; it is also a legal and moral obligation for every organization to have a safe workplace. this means that in an effort to reduce accidents, consideration is  given to many things […]

Good housekeeping is the foundation of a safe, healthy and pleasant workplace

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Three Types of Hazards Resulting From Poor Housekeeping Slip, trip, and fall hazards–  One of the most common types of hazards created by poor housekeeping is a slip, trip, and fall hazards. When objects,materials, tools, and equipment are not properly stored workers are bound to trip over them. Slippery conditions are created when water, moisture, oils, […]

Hazards of Spraying Flammable Liquids

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This blog describes the measures required to control the risk to health and safety when spraying flammable liquids. So first we have to understand about the flammable liquids. Flammable liquids Flammable liquids are dangerous goods of Class 3. They are identified by a red diamond label on their container with the words FLAMMABLE LIQUID. Many […]

First Aid Training

Basic First Aid Training

We all observe that when individuals fall ill or are injured, they are taken to hospitals or doctors for treatment. But it takes time to reach them, during which if some initial care is taken, it helps treatment of such individuals and in many cases saves their lives. We also observe that some of the […]

Fire Brigade Training 2023

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Flame Institute of Fire and Safety Management vasai  conducted Fire Brigade Training Session For Our Students In Nov 2022 in Vasai East Dist Palghar. The reason Behind this Training was  that student can learn about the Fire Fighting Equipments and Their Operation. They Learned Basic Fire Fighting Skills and Various Techniques to Learn about how to […]