Career Options

With the boom of industrialization and construction awareness about fire and safety has led to an exponential increase. Almost every industry looks for fire and safety professionals at various levels. fire and safety professionals are required almost everywhere

  • Oil, gas and hydrocarbon fuels.
  • Electricity providers and power plants.
  • Airports, Indian Railways.
  • Automobile Manufacturers.
  • Fire Departments/ Fire Brigades of governments, municipalities and large corporations.
  • Hospitality Industry.
  • Real Estate & Construction.
  • Municipal Corporations.
  • Large manufacturing industries.
  • Banks & Insurance Companies.
  • Engineering Firms.
  • Environment Protection Departments.
  • Forest Department.
  • Ports and Shipping.

Job titles under fire and safety are

  • Safety Engineering
  • Safety supervisors
  • Fire technician
  • Fire supervisor
  • Fireman
  • Hse supervisor
  • Hse officer
  • Fire engineer


Below is listed description and profile of jobs which can be chosen by the graduates after the completion of the course which are as follows:

job ProfileJob DescriptionAnnual salary
Safety SupervisorWork includes under the guidance of the regional safety manager, carry on the necessary steps in order to ensure the safety of staff, company and people.1 to 2 lakhs
FiremanResponding at the time of emergency, save lives during fire, providing emergency services and medical assistance.2 to 3 lakhs
Safety OfficerDeveloping and monitoring hazardous situations, provide safety measures and develop measures for public safety.2 to 3 lakhs
Safety InstructorWork involves providing training, designing new methods and developing better training, monitor individual as well as organizational performance.2 to 3 lakhs
InstructorTrain the subordinates and staff to carry on rescue operations.3 to 4 lakhs
Station Master/ SupervisorManagement and monitoring the activities of staff and subordinates.2 to 3 lakhs
Fire OfficerSupervise all other departments of safety. Assure all the rules are followed with care3 to 4 lakhs
Safety ConsultantInspection of workplaces, design programs to enhance safety measures.3 to 4 lakhs