PG Diploma in Fire Safety Management

PG Diploma in Fire and Safety Management program trains the students in turning them professionally to become skilled fire safety experts enabling them better prospects for a career in the private as well as government sectors. They can go about working in affluent posts in industries, refineries, can opt to be lecturers and trainers at fire safety training institutes, join government firefighting departments and so on. For Industries (small, medium and big), the safety of their workers, environment, and infrastructure is of great importance. Industrial safety plays a huge role in the smooth functioning of any industry! Industries, as well as Governments around the world, give adequate importance to industrial safety. It is necessary to ensure the safety of workers and the environment!

1. Fire Regulation & Safety Law

2. Fire Prevention & Protection

3. Fire Fighting Drills

4. Fire Engineering Science

5. Industrial Safety Management

6. Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety & Health

7. Practical & Viva

This course Focuses  on areas such as – Fire Safety, Industrial Safety infrastructure management, and planning. This course deals with topics such as – fire, fire fighting, fire prevention, fire fighting equipment, communication systems, chemistry, physics, disaster management, and industrial safety.

Min. Eligibility : Graduation in any Stream

Duration : 1 Year

Lectures : 2

Seats Available : 60

Language :

Study materials : Available