Post Diploma in Industrial Safety (PDIS)

With the gradual increase in injuries at workplaces, the demand for Industrial safety professionals in the industry is growing at a great pace.This is a full-time  diploma program.this course enhances a student’s practical knowledge and working skills respect to risk management techniques, general safety measures, and preventive control measures to avoid accidents.

  • Industrial Safety Management
  • Industrial Safety Engineering
  • Fire Safety Management
  • Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health
  • Safety Management in Industries
  • Fire fighting technology
  • Practical & Viva

Industrial safety can be categorized as the management of all operations and events within an industry to safeguard the health of workers or employees. It aims to minimize risks, accidents and hazards of working professionals in an organisation. 

Min. Eligibility : Diploma In Engg /Graduation in Science

Duration : 1 year

Lectures :

Seats Available : 30

Language : English, Hindi

Study materials : Available