Basic Fire Awareness

This training provides participants with greater awareness and understanding of the danger of fire and helps them to identify and reduce the risk that fire presents in the workplace. Basic Fire safety Awareness Training is developed to equipped you with all basic skills and knowledge required in the Event of Fire.

Flame Institute of Fire and Safety College Mumbai provides you a Basic Fire Awareness course NBVTE – International organisation for standardization 9001:205 certified vocational organisation Approved Course in Mumbai Vasai Palghar area

Duration : 1 Month

Eligibility : Graduation / Any Working Professionals/Managers, supervisors and workers working in any organization.

Content :

1. Fire Introduction
2. Chemistry of Fire
3. Fire triangle
4. Classes of fire
5. Theory of Extinguishers
6. First aid Fire Fighting Equipment
7. Evacuation Procedure

1. Fire Introduction    
2. Chemistry of Fire    
3. Fire Prevention and protection    
4. Theory of Extinguishers    
5. First aid Fire Fighting Equipment    
6. Evacuation Procedure

Min. Eligibility : Graduation

Duration : 1 Month

Lectures :

Seats Available :

Language : English

Study materials : Available