Good housekeeping is the foundation of a safe, healthy and pleasant workplace

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Three Types of Hazards Resulting From Poor Housekeeping

Slip, trip, and fall hazards– 

  • One of the most common types of hazards created by poor housekeeping is a slip, trip, and fall hazards. When objects,materials, tools, and equipment are not properly stored workers are bound to trip over them. Slippery conditions are created when water, moisture, oils, grease, etc. are left on the floor in work areas. Fall hazards are created when employees have to stand on makeshift surfaces to reach items stored at higher levels. Falls also occur when changes in elevation are not properly marked or barricaded in work areas.

Strain and sprain hazards– 

  • Sprains and strains injuries can result from a slip, trip, and fall incidents. They also can occur when heavy items are not properly put away. When heavy or awkward objects are placed on the floorand need to be picked up by a worker it creates a risk of injury. Too often items have to be moved when there is poor housekeeping in a work area just for the sake of getting them out of the way. Because of unnecessary lifting, sprains and strains can occur.

Laceration hazards– 

  • Whether you are working in a construction or a manufacturing setting, there are plenty of sharp objects that can cut your hand or body. When items are not properly stored this creates a huge risk for laceration injuries.Sharp tools, jagged metal, sharp-edged material, etc. can all easily cut through a glove or clothing and injure a worker.

Housekeeping Guidelines

  • Keep work areas neat and clean.
  • Place tools, equipment, and supplies in their correct places.
  • Keep stairways and other walkways free of debris, hoses and other obstructions. Put trash in approved containers.
  • Remove protruding objects such as nails, spikes, wire or other sharp points.
  • Keep workbenches and stations free from items that are not being used or worked on at present. Place oily rags in the metal containers
  • Paper cups, plates, and lunch debris, including trash must be thrown in the appropriate trash cans.
  • To avoid skin irritations,wash frequently, using soap and water. Wear gloves when handling substances that may cause irritation.
  • Cigarette butts belong in containers provided.

Employee’s Housekeeping Responsibility

Good housekeeping is a team effort and a team is made up of individuals. The individual employee’s responsibility is as follows:

  • To keep work areas clean,neat, tidy and free from excessive material at all times. To work areas clean during the shift.
  • To constantly put trash in the proper trash bins, scrap in the scrap bins and recyclable materials in the designated bins with lids.
  • To keep the floors free from excessive material.
  • To ensure that aisles and walkways are clear,unobstructed and in good order.
  • To ensure that materials are stacked correctly and safely in the correct places.

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