First Aid Training

Basic First Aid Training

We all observe that when individuals fall ill or are injured, they are taken to hospitals or doctors for treatment. But it takes time to reach them, during which if some initial care is taken, it helps treatment of such individuals and in many cases saves their lives. We also observe that some of the minor illnesses or injuries are cured by taking such initial care.
However, this care cannot be taken care unless we are well aware and trained in first-aid.

It is essential to know and be trained in the art of providing first aid.

On the Occasion of 52th National Safety Day, Flames Institute of Fire and Safety Management with its base location in Vasai-Virar, Mumbai have conducted Basic First Aid Training Session  for our Students. Our Students learnt various Techniques and precaution which need to be taken care of during the event, which helped them to get detailed knowledge on some specific injury cases and how first aid is provided in such situations.

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