Fire Hazards in Buildings under Construction

Fire and Safety Awareness program

Fires during construction can spread rapidly, especially when sprinklers have not yet been installed or activated, and other combustible materials are present. Buildings are at their most vulnerable during the construction stage, due to the presence of combustible  materials,  ignition  sources,  lack  of  fire-safety  systems  or  separations,  and potential site security issues.

Site preparation stage

  1. Non clearing of rubbish / garbage from the spot creates fires.
  2. Poorly installed temporary wiring.
  3. Inadequate ventilation.
  4. Lack of providing fire protection system at the initial stage of construction.
  5. Careless handling of flammables like paints chemicals,acids, gasoline, liquids and lubrication agents used in temporary garages for vehicles, wooden frames etc.

Typical hazards at construction sites include:

  • Temporary heating equipment
  • Smoking
  • Waste disposal
  • Open burning
  • Spontaneous ignition
  • Cutting and welding
  • Electrical malfunctions

The leading causes of fires in buildings under construction or demolition are:

  • Incendiary or suspicious events
  • Open flames and embers, and
  • Heating equipment

Fire protection should go hand in hand as the construction progresses as per below:

  1. Limiting the amount of combustiblesstored and use of minimum practicable.
  2. Use of noncombustible scaffoldings in place of wood or bamboo.
  3. Stand pipe and sprinkler system should be in service not more than two floors below the highest construction.
  4. The openings in the new construction should be carefully plugged.

Hazardous Operations

  1. Cutting and welding stage: the fire may come from sparks.This section may be located away, sealed with protective barriers.
  2. Flammable liquid be safely stored.
  3. Trash disposal should be prompt.
  4. Temporary wirings should be fool proof.
  5. Gasoline powered equipment’s be kept far away.


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